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Event Rendering Callback (Javascript)

Custom Javascript code to execute upon rendering each calendar event.

Figure 5: Events & UI Properties

Event After Rendering Callback (Javascript)

Custom Javascript code to execute for each calendar event, after it has been rendered.

Code Block
titleSample Code to change the event time indicator to a more meaningful value
var fromTime = event.start.format("H:mm").toString();
var toTime = event.end.format("H:mm").toString();

if (fromTime.indexOf("10:00") > -1 && toTime.indexOf("16:20") > -1) {
    $(element).find('span.fc-time').text("First Shift --> ");

See sample app here for more info: APP_calendarTest-sample.jwa

Event After All Rendering Callback (Javascript)

Custom JavaScript code to execute after all rendering of the calendar menu has been completed.

In the sample below, upon clicking on a calendar date, it will redirect to an event form and prepopulate a date field with the clicked date.

Code Block
titleSample Code
$("div.calendar_menu_body td.fc-day").click(function() {
    var preferredDefaultTime = "09:00";
    var dateFromFieldId = "date_from";
	window.location = "calendarViewEditable?" + dateFromFieldId + "=" 
    + $(this).attr("data-date") + "%20" + preferredDefaultTime;

Event Click Callback (Javascript)

Custom Javascript code to execute when a calendar event is clicked on.

Code Block
titleSample Code to open up form view in a popup dialog
var popupActionDialog = new PopupDialog("EventFormMenuId?id=""&embed=true");

Code Block
titleShow in JPopup Dialog
var address = ="EventFormMenuId?embed=true&id=" +;"testPopup", address, {}, "View Item", "50%", "50%");

Time Display Format

Refer to for formats.

Code Block
h(:mm)t //2:12p, 1p
HH:mm //14:12, 13:00
hh(:mm)t //02:12p, 01p

Custom Header (HTML)

Custom header in HTML to show on the top of the calendar.

Custom Footer (HTML)

Custom footer in HTML to show on the bottom of the calendar.