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This plugin bundle is compatible with Joget DX  DX 7 and Joget Workflow v6.


  1. Download the plugin JAR file:
    View filenamejoget-hyperledger-fabric-6.2.2.jarheight

  2. Upload the downloaded jar file through Manage Plugins.

  3. Map and configure the tool plugin to any Process Tool/ Post Form Submission Processing Plugin.

  4. Map and configure the datalist binder to any Datalist Binder.

  5. Map and configure the form binder to any Form Load Binder.

  6. A sample app for Joget Enterprise Edition is available for download here.
    View filename:


  7. Sample connection profile to the Fabcar network.
    View filename:
  8. The source code for the plugin is available at


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Figure 1: Hyperledger Fabric configuration

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Figure 2: Fabric Transaction options

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Figure 3: Storing transaction status to form field

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Figure 4: Storing transaction status to workflow variable


6.2.2Upgraded to fabric-sdk-java 2.2.6
Upgraded to commons-io 2.8.0
Upgraded to guava 3.1.1-jre
6.2.1Updated for Hyperledger Fabric 2.2
6.2.0Updated for Hyperledger Fabric 2.0
6.1.0Updated for Hyperledger Fabric 1.4 on IBM Blockchain Platform
6.0.0Initial release