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List Grid is a grid table that populates its data from a Datalist.

Figure 1: List Grid in New Contact Form in the CRM App

Figure 2: Editing Record in List Grid

Figure 3: Properties of List Grid


ID of the element


Label of the element

Data List

Data List to populate the element


Columns to show in the grid. The column "value" must match the column ID in the Datalist.

Unique Column

Primary key

Form to Edit Row

Selects the form to edit row


Determines if the element is editable

List Grid may be configured to use its own defined Load and Store binder. By default, data will be stored in the form field defined.

The following is the sample data stored in JSON:

Code Block
        "id": "001",
        "": "",
        "accountName": "John Woo",
        "address": "2, Park Avenue",
        "state": "2",
        "country": "local",
        "city": "1"
        "id": "002",
        "accountName": "Melissa Lee",
        "state": "",
        "country": ""