Multirow Form Binder gives you the ability to save multirow data such as grid data into its designated table.

In the example below, one can make use of this binder in the Enhanced Grid Form Element (Form Grid) element to store items for the Application Form.

Figure 1: Application Form (Table name: applications)

In figure 1, apart from the normal input fields, there's a Form Grid element will makes reference to the Item Form as depicted below.

Figure 2: Item Form (Table name: application_items)

In figure 2, one will need to add additional (hidden) field as the foreign key (parent_id) to the Application Form.

Figure 3: Configuring Form Grid

As required by the Form Grid set up, one will need to match the columns with the referencing table.

Figure 4: Configuring Load and Store binder using Multirow Form Binder

And finally, to make sure that the grid data is saved into the application_items table, select Multirow Form Binder as the both store and load binder. Then, choose Item form and map the foreign key to parent_id  as required.