This form load binder plugin allows you to load metadata values from transactions directly from the Cardano blockchain into a form.
This plugin can be used at the form level or at the form section level.

Plugin Properties

Configure Cardano Metadata Load Binder

Network Type

Select the network to load transaction metadata from:

  • Mainnet
  • Preview Testnet
  • Pre-production Testnet

"Mainnet" uses assets with actual monetary value.

Please use the testnets for testing purposes.

Backend Service

Select the backend service you wish to use to execute your blockchain queries/transactions with:

  • Blockfrost
  • Koios
Blockfrost Project Key

This property will only appear when Backend Service is Blockfrost.

Paste in your generated mainnet/testnet project API key. See

Transaction ID

Also known as Transaction Hash. Transactions that contain metadata is expected here.

Typically a Hash Variable is used here.

Map Metadata Fields To Form Fields

Metadata FieldForm Field ID
Metadata property nameThe form field ID to load metadata field value to.