Each participant declared in Process Designer would have its mapping configured here. There are various options available to define the participants.

Figure 1: Map Participants to Users

Map to User or Group

Figure 2: Map to User or Group

One may map a participant to a select user(s) or group(s). By doing so, every time a new activity is created in the participant's swimlane, Joget will pick up the same resultant user(s) to be assigned as assignee(s).

Map to Org Chart

Figure 2: Map to Org Chart

One may also map to a participant in relation to the reporting organization chart and the performers/participants in the process flow.

For example, we are trying to determine the participant that will be approving a claim. The person to approve a claim will be the HOD of the person that submitted the claim. Therefore, the setting would be "Performer's HOD where the performer executed Submit Claim"

Map to Workflow Variable

Figure 3: Map to Workflow Variable

A participant can also be determined through the use of Workflow Variable. This is particularly useful when the participant is decided on-the-fly in the preceding activity with the value set into the Workflow Variable. If the variable value contains a username, then, the option to be set here would be "Username" with the correct Variable ID picked.

Map to Plugin