The Signature is a special element with canvas to collect the user's input by scribbling/sketching on it

Get Started

The easiest way to see how the Signature works are to create a new app. Here are the steps:

StepsScreen (Click to view)
  1. Start the Joget Server and open the  App Center.

  2. Log in as admin and click on the pencil icon on the  Expenses Claim to open the Design App. (see Figure 1)

  3. Click on the  Create New Form  button and fill up the Form Details as follows (see Figure 2):
    1. Form ID: signature
    2. Form Name:  Signature
    3. Table Name: j_expense_claim

  4. Drag and drop a Signature element on to the canvas.

  5. Click on Preview, and try drawing in the Signature field.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Signature properties

Edit Signature

NameDescriptionScreen (Click to view)

Element ID (By declaring as "signature", a corresponding database table column "c_signature" will be created)

Please see Form Element for more information about defining the ID and list of reserved IDs.

LabelElement Label to be displayed to the end-user.

Determines if the value should be encrypted upon saving into the database.

Advanced Options


NameDescriptionScreen (Click to view)

Attach a Validator plugin to validate the input value.

Validation will take place whenever a form is submitted except when it is submitted as "Save as Draft".


NameDescriptionScreen (Click to view)

Width of the element in character.



Height of the element in character.


Determines if the element is editable.

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