Request Joget License Steps

This article will describe the steps to activate your Joget Enterprise License.

1. Obtaining your System Key

The Joget System Key is tied to the:

  1. Server network MAC address.
  2. Database profile name.

Joget license is tied to the Joget edition: v6 or DX; Professional or Enterprise Edition.

Take note that if any of the above changes, you will require a new license reactivation.

2. Requesting for License Key

3. Applying the license

Alternate LInk To License Page

You can also access the license page via this URL: http://localhost:8080/jw/web/console/home (Change the domain name accordingly). Scroll down to the footer and click on the "License: Joget DX Enterprise 7" hyperlink.

Joget License Based On Total Apps

You can request for a Joget license with apps count protection. For example, request a Joget license for unlimited users for a maximum of three apps only. The app license count applies to the first three apps based on appId in ascending order for published apps.

To request for a Joget license based on total apps, go to license request and select the following ":

To exclude the app center from being counted, you can delete the default app center app and use the setting in "System Settings > General Settings > Default Userview" to another app.

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