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I want to ask, let say that I've created a form that using department with parentId / department's division as a relation between department and division. Everything stored in the database as parentId acted as the connection. So I've created 3 select boxes and successfully get the data using JDBC Binder with SQL syntax. So far I've managed to show Department, Division, even Directorate using Ajax cascade options.


But I want to store only department ID in the database, because the division and directorate only for verification and view purposes. How can I make those 2 select boxes read only and not stored in the database? because Ajax cascade options won't work if it readonly. Thank you.


Note: I used Joget 5.0.8

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      I think I have two options for you:

      The first is that you modify the way in which you store the information of the form that you created. In the properties of the form you should change the storage binder by beanshell or jdbc and save only the fields you need ( ) .

      The second is a solution I found for the same problem when the size of the lists is very large. Instead of using linked lists I used the "Popup select box" component that has all the search and filter services of the linked lists but it is much faster and allows to save, specifically a field. I do not know if the version you are working on has this component available (

      1. Irfan Eka

        Hi Camilo, Thank you for the response. Based on that sample (, can i store all of my intended fields to be stored all at once? and would that affect the crud process?

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