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I'm currently developing an approval app which gonna use by my company. The problem is, every process got changed depend on who is using it and what conditions they choose. So I'm planning to create more than 1 Start Process and all of them have different approval flow.

This is what I'm doing.


Is this gonna work? Because I hesitate and I can't simulate it because the current user data is using real data. Thank you.

Note: I'm using Joget 5.0.8

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      Firstly, I highly suggest you perform testing in a development environment, not a production environment, in case of any unintended changes made to user data.

      It is not possible to have multiple start points in a process. However, you may explore about Section Permission, to show different form elements to different types of users.

      1. Irfan Eka

        So do I have to create each process for each user group?

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