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Check out Joget DX, the next generation successor to Joget Workflow for faster, simpler digital transformation.

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1. Install Prerequisites

2. Install 3rd Party Libraries

cd install-libraries

Depending on your version of Apache Maven, you might get an error "BUILD FAILED" containing the message: Cannot run program "mvn.cmd"

In this case, edit the file install-libraries\lib\setup-maven_win.xml and replace all occurrences of "mvn.cmd" with "mvn.bat"

3. Obtain Source Code

  • Open a Git CMD (Git Bash) window and execute the following:

mkdir joget_src
cd joget_src
git clone --branch 7.0-SNAPSHOT --depth 1

4. Configure Datasource for Test Case

  • Joget contains unit test cases that requires access to a running MySQL database.

  • Open a Command Prompt, and create a MySQL database with the SQL file in joget_src/jw-community/wflow-install/src/main/resources/data/jwdb-empty.sql

mysql -uroot -p
create database jwdb;
mysql -uroot -p jwdb < joget_src/jw-community/wflow-install/src/main/resources/data/jwdb-empty.sql
  • Download the sample configuration files and unzip it in your user home folder e.g. C:\Users\yourusername\

  • Edit the wflow\ file e.g. C:\Users\yourusername\wflow\ and ensure that the configuration (e.g. MySQL username and password) is correct


To pass unit tests which require a valid datasource, it is important to ensure that:

  1. the wflow folder is located in the correct path inside your user home folder, e.g: C:\Users\yourusername\wflow

  2. the MySQL configuration settings in wflow\ are correct

5. Build Project

  • In a Command Prompt, browse to the jw-community\wflow-app folder and execute the Maven install command

cd joget_src\jw-community\wflow-app\
mvn clean install

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