This is a quick tutorial to show you on how to create a graph using JasperReports iReport Designer.

This tutorial uses the HR Expenses Claim App that bundled by default in Enterprise Edition of Joget, as the example data set.

This will require iReport Designer to be installed in your machine, to design the report.

Figure 1: Designing your report in iReport Designer.

When designing, remember to point to Joget's database. Create your report in iReport Designer. You may use the SQL used in this example.

select c_username, cast(replace(c_total, '$ ', '') as Decimal(0,2)) as total from app_fd_hr_expense_claim

Figure 2: Adding the report definition into Joget Userview's Jasper Reports element

In your iReport Designer, click on the XML tab to copy the definition generated. Paste it into the JasperReports Userview element.

At the second tab, select Default Datasource so that it will read the data set from Joget's current database as well.

Figure 3: Running your Report in the actual Userview

Materials and Downloads

  1. Sample App
  2. JasperReport design file
  3. KB:Sample exported PDF file from the Expenses Claim App

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