DX X-Admin Theme is a new responsive and mobile friendly theme for Joget DX.

New Feature

This theme plugin is a new Joget DX feature.

Figure 1: DX Progressive Theme in desktop view.

Figure 2: DX Progressive Theme in mobile view.

Theme Properties

Configure Layout

Figure 3: Configure layout.

ThumbnailUpload a small square image or icon for your app to display in App Center.

Define the theme colors as follows:

Header Color
Sidebar Background
Sidebar Menu Background
Sidebar Menu Color
Sidebar Menu Background (Active)
Sidebar Menu Color (Active)
Button Background
Button Color
Highlight Color
Font Color
Link Color
Link Color (Active)
Footer Background
Footer Color

Disabled Fine Font

Disabled Fine Font

Remember opened tabs

Remember opened tabs and do not create new tabs.

Enable Font Size Control?Check this to enable the ability to change the font size on userview runtime.


Figure 4: Advanced

Favicon URLDefine the path to custom Favicon URL.
Logo URLDefine the path to custom Logo URL
Disable ProfileDisable fetching user's profile photo
User Image
  • Hide
  • Gravatar Service
  • Using Hash Variable
    • Define Hash Variable To Retrieve User Image URL

    • #form.user_profile.image[{}]#
  • No Inbox
  • Show all assignments
  • Show current App assignment only
Home Icon URLHome Icon URL address
Shortcut Link LabelShortcut Link Label
ShortcutDefines links to be parked under Shortcut menu
User Menu ShortcutDefines links to be parked under User menu

Enable Responsive Switch in Mobile Device?

When checked, "Switch to desktop version" link will be shown in mobile device.

Remove Auto Title from Process/ Assignment form?

When checked, process title and activity name will be removed from assignment form. In the screenshot below, the highlighted red box denotes the process title and activity name.

Home BannerCustom HTML for Home Banner
Custom CSSCustom CSS for the theme
Custom JavascriptCustom Javascript for the theme
Disable help guide featureClick to hide the help guide deature.
Login Page BackgroundOptional upload for a login page background.

Progressive Web App (PWA) Settings

Figure 5: PWA

Disable Progressive Web App (PWA) Support

Click the checkbox to disable PWA.

Joget DX apps automatically enable Progressive Web Apps (PWA) features in this theme so that all apps will be PWA baseline compliant without requiring additional steps, with features such as adding to home screen, offline support and push notifications.

Disable Web Push NotificationsClick to disable web push notification in this userview.
Additional URLs to CacheEnter paths relative to context root.

Login Page UI

Figure 6: Login Page UI

Custom HTML (Before Login Form)Custom HTML to be placed in the login form
Custom HTML (After Login Form)Custom HTML to be placed in the login form

Configure Permission

Figure 7: Properties - Permission

Hide this Userview in App Center?When checked, this particular Userview will not be listed in App Center.
Permission TypeWhite list to determine access to this Userview.
Temporarily disable permission checking for testing?Click checkbox to disable all category menu permission checking.

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