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  • Decision Tool Plugin is used in a route in a process flow to decide the next transition to flow to after the route.
  • Decision Tool Plugin will override the transition rule in the process flow if mapped to a route.
  • A useable Decision Tool Plugin must extend org.joget.workflow.model.DecisionPluginDefault abstract class.

Abstract Class


Method Detail

Abstract Methods
public DecisionResult getDecision(String processDefId, String processId, String routeId, Map<String, String> variables);

Return the DecisionResult based on the current process state.


    • processDefId - the process definition id
    • processId - the process instance id
    • routeId - the route id of this tool mapped 
    • variables - the workflow variables values

Return org.joget.workflow.model.DecisionResult

POJO Class


Method Detail

Getter/Setter Methods
public Boolean getIsAndSplit();

The split type of next transitions is AND

public void setIsAndSplit(Boolean isAndSplit);

Set the split type of next transitions to AND

public String getAuditData();

The data to be store to audit trail table

public void setAuditData(String auditData);

Set the data to be store to audit trail table

public Map<String, String> getVariables();

The workflow variable and its value to be update

public void setVariable(String name, String value);

Set the workflow variable & value to update

public Collection<String> getTransitions();

The transitions name/id to flow to after the route

public void addTransition(String idOrName);

Add transition id/name to the list of transitions to flow to after the route.

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