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  1. Determine the Form Grid Field ID. In this example, it is "FGid".
  2. Add below script to Custom HTML

    Javascript here to delete row.<br/>
        var grid = FormUtil.getField("FGid");
        $(grid).on("change", function(){
            //add delete button
            $(grid).find("tr.grid-row").each(function(i, row){
                if($(row).find("td.grid-action-cell .delete").length === 0) {
                    $(row).find("td.grid-action-cell").append("<a class=\"delete\">Delete</a>");
        $(grid).trigger("change");  //trigger change to add buttons to the existing rows
        $(grid).on("click", ".delete", function(){
            var row = $(this).closest("tr");
            var table = $(row).closest("table");
            var container = $(table).parent();
            var deleteMessage = $(container).find('#deleteMessage').val();
            // reset input names
            // trigger change
            var el = table.parent();
  3. Open the form in userview, now you can delete the row without confirmation through the delete button

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