Currently (as of 30th Sep 2020), the default Select Box form element supports only one dependency field to control the available options based on the "grouping" attribute.

Here is a new plugin called the "Multi Dependency Select Box", which belongs to the Form Field Element plugin type.

This plugin is highly similar to the default bundled Select Box form element, but with the additional capability to configure multiple dependency fields to control options.
Configuring the multiple dependency fields for this plugin is also highly similar to the default Select Box.

To control options from multiple dependency fields, do add multiple grouping values for a single option, with comma as the separator. (Example grouping value --> A,2,Blue)

Do try out the plugin via the resources you can download below!

The source of this plugin is open and available to download below. Feel free to modify this plugin according to your needs.


In its current state, this plugin does not support AJAX loading options from options binder.




Plugin Source

Sample App


Steps to use the sample app:

  1. Download the Multi Dependency Select Box plugin (.jar) and import into your Joget server.
  2. Download the sample app above (.jwa). Then import and publish the app.
  3. This sample app already has sample data included, so there is no need to enter data before trying the plugin.
  4. Launch the app, and navigate to the "See it in action here!" menu.
  5. Feel free to modify the behavior of the dependency rules in the Multi Dependency Select Box form element in the "Main" form.

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