Form Builder Properties

Edit Form

Figure 1: Edit Form Properties

IDForm ID.
NameForm name.
Table NameDatabase table name. Maximum name is 20 characters. Joget will prefix "app_fd_" to the table name to create the actual table in database. For example, if you table name is "expense", the actual database table name is "app_fd_expense".
DescriptionDescription of what the form intends to do. This is meant for developer/admin consumption only to describe the purpose of this element.


Figure 2: Advanced Properties

Load BinderThe Load Binder is responsible to populate the form data. By default, Workflow Form Binder is the default binder used to return data from submitted forms.

Store Binder

The Store Binder is responsible to store the form data. By default, Workflow Form Binder is the default binder used to store data from submitted forms.

Under normal circumstances, the Load and Store binder should be the same to maintain the same source for the data to be written to/read from.

PermissionManage the permission on who to see this section. See Permission Control.
Unauthorized MessageMessage to be shown when permission is defined.

Post Form Submission Processing

Execute a tool after a form is submitted. Only applicable for primary form, in form grid, and list grid.

Figure 3: Post Processing Properties

Post Processing ToolSelect a tool to execute based on the event below. See Map Tools to Plugins for the list of plugins.
Run Tool on
  • Data creation
  • Data update
  • Both date creation and update
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