Generate Datalist function will generate a Datalist based on the current form design.

By default, the first 5 columns will be added into the datalist created. One can click on the Advanced Generation link to customize the eventual datalist design if required.

Figure 1: Screenshot showing Generate Datalist plugin in Generate App function

Generate Datalist Properties


Figure 2: Generate Datalist - Options

Datalist IDElement ID for the datalist to be created
Datalist NameElement name
Choose ColumnsChoose the columns that you would like to add to the eventual datalist created.

Advanced Options

Figure 3: Generate Datalist - Advanced Options

Figure 4: Example of a datalist column with formatter auto configured

Choose Filters

Choose the columns that you would like to add a filter into the eventual datalist created.

Auto configure for options field?

When checked, the column that is of FormOptionsElement element (such as Select Box) origin will have its formatter automatically formatted. (see Figure 4)

Figure 5: Sample form design

Figure 6: Screenshot showing the resultant Datalist created by the plugin

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