In this article, we will demonstrate how to retrieve values from a subform. We'll use a simple app as an example, where we read the value from the subform and set it in a form field.

Form Design

Subform Design

Make sure to remember the Form ID of your subform, it will be necessary for your Custom HTML.

Parent Form Design

Custom HTML

This is the Javascript code that reads the value of the subform and sets the field value.

        selectmain = $(FormUtil.getField("field1")); //Get ID of subform
                my_name = $("#field2_subform_name"); //Get subform value
                my_country = $("#field2_subform_country");
                my_date = $("#field2_subform_date");
                var field1 = FormUtil.getField("field3"); //Get field of form
                var field2 = FormUtil.getField("field4");
                $(field1).val(my_name.val()); //Set field to value of subform


This is the result of the above code:

Download the sample app below:

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