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Take note that this feature is only available to customers using Joget On Demand currently.
There are 2 ways for getting Google Drive integration to your copy of Joget. 

Joget through Google Apps Marketplace

There is no configurations whatsoever needed to tie your Joget to your company's Google Apps account as you are signing up through Google Apps Marketplace itself.

  1. Sign up for new Joget Worfklow app from Google Apps Marketplace.

  2. Once your Joget account is created, you are now ready to add Google Drive File Upload into your Joget form.

Joget without going through Google Apps Marketplace

  1. Please see Google API Configuration.

  2. Once you have performed the step above, you are now ready to add Google Drive File Upload into your Joget form.

Uploading files to Google Drive

Google Drive File Upload enables you to attach a file to a form and stores to a Google Drive account.

Figure 1: Google Drive File Upload in Form Builder

Figure 2: Google Drive File Upload Properties


Element ID (By declaring as "receipt", a corresponding database table column "c_receipt" will be created)


Element Label to be displayed to end user.

Google Drive Email

Define an existing Google Apps account email for file storage.

Google Drive Base Folder

Declare a folder name as the base for file storage.

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