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The Grid enables one to capture structured and related data.

Get Started

The easiest way to see how the Grid works are to use the existing built-in App Expenses Claims. Here are the steps:

StepsScreens (Click to view)
  1. Start the Joget Server and open the App Center.

  2. Log in as admin and click on the pencil icon on the Expenses Claim to open the Design App. (see Figure 1)

  3. Under FORMS column, click on Expense Claim Resubmit (see Figure 2)

  4. Hover the mouse over the Grid element on the canvas under Approval Comment(s) section and click on Edit to open up the Edit Grid properties.

  5. Click on UI & Validation, uncheck the Readonly checkbox and click OK. (see Figure 3)

  6. Click on Preview to open up the Preview tab, click on Click to edit to enter values and click on Add Row link to add more rows.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Grid Properties

Edit Grid

NameDescriptionScreen (Click to view)

Element ID (By declaring as "approval_comments", a corresponding database table column "c_approval_comments" will be created)

Please see Form Element for more information about defining the ID and list of reserved IDs.

LabelElement Label to be displayed to the end-user.

Column definition and column label.

The column name is defined in the value column whereas the corresponding label is defined in the label column.

UI & Validation

NameDescriptionScreen (Click to view)

Determines if the element is editable.


Attach a Validator plugin to validate the input value. Please see Form Validator.

When will validation takes place?

Validation will take place whenever a form is submitted except when it is submitted as "Save as Draft".

Min Number of Row Validation (Integer)Min Number of Row Validation (Integer)
Max Number of Row Validation (Integer)Max Number of Row Validation (Integer)
Error MessageError message to be shown when row requirements set above is not met.

Data Binder

NameDescriptionScreen (Click to view)
 Load Binder

Option by default. Grid data will be saved/loaded in JSON format in its defined database cell.

In this example, Multirow Form Binder is used to load data from another form.

 Store BinderOption by default. Grid data will be saved/loaded in JSON format in its defined database cell.

Data Binder - Multirow Form Binder

NameDescriptionScreen (Click to view)
FormForm to store to or load from

Foreign KeyForeign Key for records lookup.
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