The Inbox Userview Menu displays the tasks available to the current user for the current app.

Inbox Menu Properties

Edit Inbox

Figure 1: Inbox Menu Properties

idMenu element unique id. Userview will use this id in the URL for the menu if the Custom ID is empty.
Custom ID

Item link slug. Optional field.

Ensure that value defined here is unique to other userview menus in the app, since the first matching/conflicting ID will take precedence in page loading.

LabelThe userview menu label.You can add Font Awesome Icons into your menu labels.
Assignments to Display

Available options:

  • All Assignments
  • Assignments for a Process only

Filter current user tasks by a specific process.

Required when Assignments to Display is set to "Assignments for a Process only".

Figure 2: Sample Inbox Menu in runtime


Figure 3: UI Properties

Show Number of Rows in Menu

Show number of records available beside this userview menu.

Additional query will be performed to return record count every time the userview loads.

List View Button Position

Available options:

  • Top Left
  • Top Right
  • Bottom Left
  • Bottom Right
  • Top Left & Bottom Left
  • Top Right & Bottom Right
List View Custom HeaderList view custom header in HTML.
List View Custom FooterList view custom footer in HTML.
Assignment View Custom HeaderAssignment view custom header in HTML.
Assignment View Custom FooterAssignment view custom footer in HTML.

Cache Settings




Caching options are:

  • None: No caching.
  • Application: Cache content by application where all users will see the same content.
  • User: Cache by username.
Duration (s)Duration in seconds to cache content, defaults to 20 seconds if applicable.

PWA Offline Settings

Note: PWA Offline support is dependent on the theme used.



Enable cache for offline supportEnable caching for offline support, usually set for use on mobile browsers.
Cache all datalist links in first pageEnable caching for any datalist links present in the first page of this userview menu.

Read Progressive Web Application (PWA) for more information.

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