In this section, you can manage the available plugins loaded into the system.

New Feature in Joget DX

There's no need to uninstall old plugin before uploading a new version of the plugin in Joget DX. Joget DX will remove plugins that match the classpath automatically.

In a clustered environment, plugins uploaded will propagate to all other server nodes automatically.

Reload Plugins
- In the case of plugin jar files being loaded into Joget's wflow/app_plugins folder, you can click on this button to load all the plugins into the context.

Upload Plugin - Upload a new plugin pack into Joget.

Uninstall Plugin - By selecting on an existing plugin, you may unload it from the current context and effectively deleting the library jar file in the server. (This option is only applicable for custom plugins that are not available by default in Joget)

  1. A single plugin pack (.jar file) may contain more than 1 plugin.
  2. By removing 1 plugin, you are effectively removing all other plugins that are contained in the same plugin pack (.jar file)
  3. You may choose to export your Joget app with the plugins packaged together. (Not applicable to cloud edition)

Figure 1: System Settings - Manage Plugins

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