New Feature

This is a new feature in Joget DX


Multi Tools provide the ability to run multiple process tool plugins in a single tool bubble of a process design, with the option of multi-threading support.

This greatly reduces the effort and time needed to achieve a multiple tools parallel execution process design.

Multi Tools Properties


Select any process tool plugin here, and add more rows to configure even more plugins.

After selecting your desired tool(s), you can configure them on subsequent configuration tab(s).

By configuring tool(s) without enabling Run Tools In Multithread, all plugin(s) will run in a sequential manner.

Run Mode
  • Run tools sequentially in current thread: Finish the first tool then start the second tool.
  • Run tools concurrently in multiple threads: each tool start in a single thread.
  • Run tools sequentially in a new single thread: one thread to execute all tools.

Note that option 2 above is only possible if the second tool is *not* dependant on the first tool completing its job first (both tools should be independent of each other).


General notes.

Figure 1: Multi Tools Properties


Recommended to use the Process Multi-tool plugin to reduce the need to constantly modify the process design, which forces a process record migration to a new version. When designing a process flow, add just one tool box to one activity box, even though the design requires 5 tool boxes. The 5 tools go into the single process Multi-Tool plugin configuration. Another advantage is you can run the tools in multithread for some performance gain.

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