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  • org.joget.commons.util.PagingUtils
  • Under wflow-commons module
  • Utility method used for sorting and paging an ordered list of data

Code Sample

import java.util.List;
import org.joget.workflow.model.WorkflowProcess;
import org.joget.workflow.model.service.WorkflowManager;

WorkflowManager workflowManager = (WorkflowManager) AppUtil.getApplicationContext().getBean("workflowManager");
List<WorkflowProcess> processList = (List<WorkflowProcess>) workflowManager.getProcessList("crm");
//Sort it by process id
PagingUtils.sort(processList, "id", false);


public static void sort(java.util.List list, java.lang.String field, java.lang.Boolean desc)

Sorts a list based on a field value of object in the list 

public static java.util.List sortAndPage(java.util.List list, java.lang.String field, java.lang.Boolean desc, java.lang.Integer start, java.lang.Integer rows)

Orders the list based on a field value of object in the list and returns the results of a page

public static java.util.Map sortMapByValue(java.util.Map map, java.lang.Boolean desc)

Sorts a map based on a value

public static java.util.List subList(java.util.List list, java.lang.Integer start, java.lang.Integer rows)

Gets the results of a page from a List

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