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This tutorial cater for use cases that requires a highly customized spreadsheet.

The Spreadsheet form element uses the Handsontable library, specifically version 6.2.2 for Joget Workflow V6.

There are a wealth of plugins and APIs in the library documentation to change the cell appearance, cell selection, dynamic data, dynamic validation, and much more.

Figure 1 : Spreadsheet Form Element Properties - UI - Custom Settings

In Figure 1, we can add in more spreadsheet properties available in the library documentation.

The configuration here is formatted as JSON.

Usually for simple configurations, a single object and value in Custom Settings would suffice. But for more complex ones, this configuration can be used in combination with a Custom HTML form element to complete a functionality.

Do scroll down below for a few examples referenced from the documentation.

Example 1 - Limit Cell Selection

Use case: Limit the cell(s) that can be selected to only single cell.

Copy & paste this code snippet into Custom Settings.

    selectionMode: 'single'

Example 2 - Custom invalid cell style

Use case: Change the appearance of a cell if values does not match regex validation (regex configurable in spreadsheet properties).

First, use a Custom HTML form element to write a simple class style. Do use the !important notation only if the style is being overridden.

	.invalidCellCustom {
		background:pink !important;

Then, copy & paste this code snippet into Custom Settings.

	invalidCellClassName: 'invalidCellCustom'

Example 3 - Get spreadsheet handsontable instance by form element ID

Use case: Get the spreadsheet handsontable instance to use core functions.

First, copy & paste this code snippet into Custom Settings.

    "afterInit" : function() {
        var hot = this;
        $(hot.rootElement).data("hot", hot);

Then, use a Custom HTML form element to get the 'hot' instance. After that, you are able to perform core functions on your specified spreadsheet element.

    	var hot = FormUtil.getField("_yourSpreadsheetFormElementIdHere_").data("hot");
		//hot.setDataAtRowProp(0, '_yourcellColumnIdHere_', '_myNewValue_');

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