How to Start New Process Instance Based on Existing Form Record

In a Run Process Menu, upon clicking on it, it will normally bring up an empty form as the following.

Figure 1: Start Process Menu

However, we can start a new process instance by referencing it to an existing record. To do so, we will need to modify the address of the page by adding "recordId" parameter and with the primary key of the record.

For example, the current URL is


Change it to


Figure 2: Start Process Menu with recordId parameter

How to Start a New Process Instance by Selecting from a List

In a real-world case scenario, one would ideally be able to choose which record to pick to start a process with.

Figure 3: CRUD - Record Listing

We can add a Hyperlink Action with its link pointing to the same Run Process menu earlier.

Figure 4: CRUD with Hyperlink to Start Process

Figure 5: Starting a New Process Instance with Existing Record

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