Option to Change Display Name Format 

You may change the display name format by going to the General Settings > User Interface Settings > Display Name Format. For more information about General Settings, you can refer to General Settings.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

All Editions

[ FIXED ]        PROCESS    : Process Migration - New created workflow variables and deadlines are not handled.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : PWA - Manifest doesn't have a maskable icon.
[ MODIFIED ]     OTHER      : JQuery - Upgraded to JQuery 3.5.1
[ FIXED ]        APP        : X-Admin Theme: If CRUD title has bracket (...), the whole menu label is repeated in the row count.
[ FIXED ]        FORM       : Nest Form grid in a subform did not display heading color or row border.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Custom HTML before/after Login Form is not working for X-Admin Theme.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Tree state is not kept after edit properties for Tree Viewer in Builder Advanced Tools.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Unable to scroll menus in userview category when "menu position" set to horizontal menu for Universal/Progressive Theme.
[ MODIFIED ]     APP        : Support user display name format in General Setting .
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Handle single/double quote in label for I18N.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Improper handling of undefined data for Property Editor.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : New table column is not created when Importing App.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : DX Progressive Theme: On load, auto adjust runtime userview to display the selected menu within browser view even if selected menu is at the bottom of the list.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Nested Popup Dialog is not handled correctly for XAdmin Theme.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Import app - plugins size are incorrect after imported.
[ FIXED ]        FORM       : "keep_value_on_change" attribute of "elementSelect" and "elementMultiSelect" type did not populate default value correctly for Property Editor.
[ MODIFIED ]     USERVIEW   : Add id attribute for sidebar menu category for Userview Theme.
[ FIXED ]        OTHER      : StackOverflowError when using Datalist Hash Variable in User Notification plugin for Audit Trail.

Professional, Enterprise & Cloud Editions

[ MODIFIED ]     APP        : Adding utility method to check unparsed nested hash variable for AppUtil.
[ MODIFIED ]     APP        : Support user display name format for General Setting.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Did not set user/employment info to null for empty mapping field for Sync LDAP Directory Manager.
[ FIXED ]        OTHER      : TestOfficeWorkingHourDeadline : Test case fail when we run the test in EST.
[ FIXED ]        FORM       : Save Form grid without form configuration will cause system error.
[ FIXED ]        DATALIST   : Datalist Hash Variable : Reduce processing by not parsing it when there is unparsed nested hash variable in filter query string.
[ FIXED ]        FORM       : dateCreated and dateModified returned wrong value for JDBC Form Load Binder.
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