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Option to Download Error Trace In APM

You may download the error trace in APM by going through the App designer > Performance and select the error trace you want to download.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

All Editions

[ MODIFIED ]     APP        : Improve wording for Multi Tools
[ FIXED ]        PROCESS    : Correction of assignmentForceComplete() cannot complete assignment with multiple assignees to prevent NPE in WorkflowManager.
[ FIXED ]        FORM       : Ajax options failed to work in Subform Repeater
[ FIXED ]        OTHER      : FormUtil concurrent modification exception when find element.
[ FIXED ]        PROCESS    : AssignmentForceComplete() cannot complete assignment with multiple assignees for WorkflowManager.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Import app to handle exception if "name" value is larger than 255 char.
[ MODIFIED ]     FORM       : Default label value should follow the label in the list.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Process Data Collector plugin does not update activity state when aborted by BeanShell.
[ MODIFIED ]     OTHER      : Allow disable syntax checking for Property Editor and Code Editor.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Remove default label on subform element.
[ MODIFIED ]     OTHER      : Update mysql-connector-java to 8.0.19.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Import app did not add missing environment variables from the jwa.
[ MODIFIED ]     OTHER      : Update jackson-databind to for CVE-2020-14060, CVE-2020-14195, CVE-2020-14061 and CVE-2020-14062.
[ MODIFIED ]     OTHER      : Update poi to 3.17 for CVE-2017-12626.
[ MODIFIED ]     OTHER      : Update mysql-connector-java to 8.0.19 for CVE-2019-2692.
[ ADDED ]        APP        : When first Name set to readonly a * symbol will be added after the firstname for User Profile Menu.
[ ADDED ]        USERVIEW   : Process field should only be available when Assignment for a Process Only is selected for Inbox Menu.
[ MODIFIED ]     USERVIEW   : Some labels is not in title case.
[ MODIFIED ]     OTHER      : Upgraded to Apache Tomcat 8.5.58
[ MODIFIED ]     OTHER      : Support parsing hash variables in the value of a hash variable in email message for User Notification.
[ MODIFIED ]     USERVIEW   : Some labels is not in title case.
[ MODIFIED ]     USERVIEW   : Run Process label "Field Name For URL Redirect Value Passover" should change to "Field ID for URL Redirect Value Passover.
[ MODIFIED ]     FORM       : Field ID to control available options based on grouping in Select Box, Check Box, radio, and MultiSelectBox should be autocomplete type, to support the use with subform.
[ FIXED ]        USERVIEW   : Menu label does not display correctly after clicked on mobile app in X-admin Theme.
[ MODIFIED ]     FORM       : Password Field Element default label should be PasswordField not textField.
[ FIXED ]        PROCESS    : Process Mapper - Process Enhancement: "Process Mapper > Run Process" not retrieving/saving "Map Activities to Forms" configurations.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : German language with umlaut displayed incorrectly in App Console.
[ FIXED ]        PROCESS    : More settings hover over change to hand cursor in Process Mapper.

Professional, Enterprise & Cloud Editions

[ FIXED ]        OTHER      : Current User Hash Variable - Not able to retrieve department organization when using LDAP DM.
[ FIXED ]        PLUGINS    : Advanced Form Datalist Binder concurrent modification exception when find element.
[ FIXED ]        PLUGINS    : SpreadSheet IF formula not working when formula in arguments throw error.
[ MODIFIED ]     OTHER      : APM added validation for trace id.
[ FIXED ]        PLUGINS    : Nested Datalist display issue if list is nested in mobile view.
[ MODIFIED ]     PLUGINS    : Ext Current User Hash Variable support fullName attribute for HOD and Department HOD
[ FIXED ]        PLUGINS    : Correction of Condition Formatter performance issue under load.
[ MODIFIED ]     OTHER      : APM support export trace.
[ FIXED ]        PLUGINS    : Spreadsheet "Custom Settings (JSON)" shown code linter error when putting function as value.
[ FIXED ]        OTHER      : Sync LDAP User Directory Manager exception in log when LDAP username already existed in local directory.
[ FIXED ]        PLUGINS    : Condition Formatter performance issue under load.
[ MODIFIED ]     APP        : Grid Element Default label value should not be just "grid", should be the element name.
[ FIXED ]        PLUGINS    : Rich Text Field Quill List indention is not working correctly in readonly mode.
[ FIXED ]        PLUGINS    : Locale dependent comparison reported by security scanning for Date/Date Range Datalist Filter.
[ FIXED ]        PROCESS    : Not able to show status of multi approval for List View.
[ FIXED ]        PROCESS    : Long assignee and activity name overlap with status for List View.
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