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Bug Fixes and Improvements

All Editions

[ FIXED ]        APP        : Process tool is not included in Git plugin sync.
[ MODIFIED ]     APP        : Adding debugging log to check assignment creation status. 
[ FIXED ]        PROCESS    : Process Mapper cannot show more setting for first time.
[ FIXED ]        PROCESS    : Process Mapper dont refresh after form mapping deleted.
[ FIXED ]        USERVIEW   : Login redirection is not working when the page is a hidden menu for Userview.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Logic does not execute if "Confirmation Message" property contains single quote character in Bean Shell Datalist Action.
[ FIXED ]        FORM       : Changes done in Form Builder - Advanced Tools - Tree Viewer will not be saved upon clicking on form save.
[ MODIFIED ]     APP        : Increase Tomcat resources default cacheMaxSize.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Putting single quote in description when create new causing it to not save properly in builder.
[ MODIFIED ]     APP        : Added a new method getDefaultColor to handle theme default value.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Themes based on Universal Theme not setting primary color will hit server error.
[ FIXED ]        FORM       : Dynamic cascading selection not selected when selected value matches more than one option in Selectbox.
[ FIXED ]        OTHER      : Upgrade spring-core to 4.3.29.RELEASE for CVE-2018-15756 for security.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Simultaneous call getIncreasedCounter will sometimes return same value in EnvironmentVariableDao.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : PDF Audit Trail NPE if encounter vertical tab special character.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Map Participants to Users using BeanShell Tool with chinese title causes NPE.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Generate App with Process Enhancement plugin caused "JSONException JSONArray[2] not found" error.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Simultaneous calls getIncreasedCounter will sometimes return same value due to EnvironmentVariableDaoImpl.
[ MODIFIED ]     USERVIEW   : List Grid popup can't display correctly in Firefox for X-admin Theme.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Able to import plugin(s) maliciously when upload plugin as form data when importing app.

Professional, Enterprise & Cloud Editions

[ FIXED ]        PLUGINS    : Section visibility controlled by readonly field does not save correctly in Multi Paged Form.
[ FIXED ]        PLUGINS    : Export to Excel error when columns more than 255 in JasperReport Menu.
[ MODIFIED ]     PLUGINS    : Support permission setting to allow users not involved in process to view the process status in Process Status Datalist Formatter.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Datalist Process Status Formatter: Click to view could not work on mobile Chrome or Joget Mobile App.
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