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Bug Fixes and Improvements

All Editions

[ FIXED ]        LOG        : logged the proxy server IP instead of real client IP.
[ FIXED ]        PROCESS    : Unable to execute email tool on post processing form using participant ID for Run Process.
[ FIXED ]        FORM       : Optimized assignment object retrieving in assignment form for Subform.
[ FIXED ]        DATALIST   : Unable to view date calendar in "Search Display in Popup" mode for Datalist Filter.
[ FIXED ]        GIT        : Prevent concurrent pull and push for Git.
[ FIXED ]        USERVIEW   : Reload parent script should close popup dialog first if any before reloading the parent window.
[ FIXED ]        PLUGIN     : Added label description for User Notification.
[ MODIFIED ]     APP        : Improve User Notification Audit Trail labels.
[ MODIFIED ]     PLUGIN     : Refactored implementation for code reuse in LEE project for Plugin Manager.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Image resources dialog close button is not styled for Property Editor.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Retain env variable value of a published version instead of previous version when you import App.
[ FIXED ]        DATALIST   : Datalist Row action is not working.

Professional, Enterprise & Cloud Editions

[ MODIFIED ]     FORM       : Support max height in Spreadsheet.
[ FIXED ]        USERVIEW   : Fail to display entry in next month's view if meeting longer than a month in Calendar Menu.
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