Option to Disable GIT

You may disable the built-in Git with the JAVA_OPT parameter (from v7.0.6 onwards) by adding  -Dgit.disabled=true  to your Joget startup script, for example:

Disable GIT
set JAVA_OPTS=-Xmx2048M -Dwflow.home=./wflow/ -javaagent:./wflow/aspectjweaver-1.8.5.jar -javaagent:./wflow/glowroot/glowroot.jar -Dgit.disabled=true

For more information, go to Git Configuration to learn more about GIT.

Other Bug Fixes and Improvements

All Editions

[ FIXED ]        APP        : Usages not working when virtualhost mode is enabled in Advanced Tool.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Increase default transaction timeout to 900.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Search by tag is not working until "Show Tags" button clicked once when you clicked on Design App.
[ FIXED ]        FORM       : CSRF error when you submit form during page still loading.
[ FIXED ]        FORM       : Permission readonly section still execute store binder.
[ FIXED ]        FORM       : Programmatically set element to readonly is not handled correctly.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : HExpression Hash Variable with "?" character can't work correctly.
[ FIXED ]        GIT        : Support disable Git feature by adding "-Dgit.disabled=true" to JAVA_OPTS.
[ FIXED ]        SECURITY   : Upgrade xercesImpl to 2.12.0 for CVE-2012-0881.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Redirection after form submitted is not handle correctly for Run Process/Form Menu.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Improve processing time when you Import App.
[ FIXED ]        USERVIEW   : When action after form saved is set to reload window, new process instance keep starting indefinitely 
for Run Process Menu.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Message with arguments are not able to pick up custom message added in Manage Messages for I18N.
[ FIXED ]        FORM       : Elements in section does not follow readonly settings in section.

Professional, Enterprise & Cloud Editions

[ FIXED ]        FORM       : Dropdown menu on options label with comma could not be selected for Spreadsheet element.
[ FIXED ]        PROCESS    : Hash variable in activity name is not parsed for Process Status Menu.
[ FIXED ]        PROCESS    : I18n labels added in Process Mapper is not rendered for Process Status Menu.
[ FIXED ]        SECURITY   : Upgrade xercesImpl to 2.12.0 for CVE-2012-0881.
[ FIXED ]        FORM       : NPE when saving Multi Paged Form element in Form Builder that are not configured.
[ FIXED ]        FORM       : Not able to save cell in IE11 in Advanced Grid.
[ FIXED ]        APP        : Not able to retrieve employment details for LDAP Directory Manager.
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