Bean Shell Permission provides the ability to key in custom Java codes to define the permission checking.

Figure 1: Sample BeanShell permission to allow only username "admin" to view the menu category.

Plugin NameBean Shell Permission
LabelBean Shell Script
Applicable for
  • UI 
  • UI Builder > Advanced Tools
  • UI Category (Figure 1)
  • Form
  • Form Builder > Advanced Tools
  • Form Section
  • List Builder > Advanced Tools
  • Joget DX Community Edition
  • Joget DX Enterprise & Professional Edition.

When writing your own code, these two objects are made available for you to ease your implementation.

Figure 2: Sample variables' values

Sample Usage
System.out.println( user.getFirstName() ); //will print "Admin"
System.out.println( requestParams.get("appId") ); //will print "hr_expense";
if (user.getFirstName().equalsIgnoreCase("Admin")) {
	return true;
} else {
	return false;

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