Problem statement: On clicking on "Open Form" in the UI above, we would like to open up the Form in a Popup Dialog, and upon saving of the form, we wish to return to the same listing, with the page refreshed.

There are 2 items in the UI category. One is a List and another is a Form. 


  1. In List, create a new link that points to a UI Form menu (e.g. named as "form"). Set the parameter "embed=true" as well as remember checking "Hyperlink Target" to "Popup Dialog".

  2. In the correspondent UI Form, configure its properties. Check "Show In Popup Dialog?" and go to the second tab.

  3. On the second tab, configure "URL Redirect After Form Submission" to point to a UI List.

Doing the same to Inbox assignment

If you are pointing to a UI Inbox instead of UI Form in Popup Dialog, you can put the following code to "List View Custom Header" in Inbox > UI properties.

<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[
// ]]></script>

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