This Amazon S3 File Upload field is a sample plugin to showcase on how you can develop a plugin to integrate with third party service like Amazon S3 storage. 

This Amazon S3 File Upload field is a combination of Form Field Element PluginForm Store Binder Plugin and Web Service Plugin implementations which contains 2 classes "AwsS3FileUpload" and "AwsS3FileBinder".

AwsS3FileUpload class

This class extends FileUpload class in the Joget Workflow product so that we can reuse the template, properties and some of the methods in FileUpload class. It also implements Web Service Plugin to provide link to download the files. This element set its store binder to "AwsS3FileBinder" to handle the file storing to Amazon S3.

AwsS3FileBinder class

This class implements Form Store Binder Plugin to upload file to the AWS S3 in form storing event.


Source Code:

Plugin: aws_s3_upload_field-5.0.0.jar

Amazon S3 Configuration File:  (put this properties file in your wflow folder)

For Java 11:

Source Code:

Plugin: aws_s3_upload_field-7.0.0.jar 



In form builder, when the AWS S3 configuration file is missing.

In form builder, when there are error connecting to AWS S3 server.

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