Import Tool enables a user to import bulk data into a specific form's table by retrieving the CSV, XLS or XLSX file from a form field and doing a simple column-to-field mapping.

It is formerly known as CSV Import Tool in Joget Workflow v4.

Click on a Tool and click Mapping to access Configure Mapping.

Figure 1: CSV Import Tool Properties

File Upload FormSpecify the source Form where File Upload element resides.
Upload Field IDFile Upload element ID in the specified form above.
Store Data To Form

Specify on where to store the data by choosing a target form.

How storing works?

The target form's store binder will be called upon for data storage.

Post Form Submission Processing

Any Tool mapped under Post Form Submission Processing of the target form will be triggered each time a record updated or created.

Important: The tool mapped will be triggered regardless of the Run Tool on attribute.

Column Mappings

Map the source file's CSV values to the target form fields.

Column NumberRefers to the column number in the source CSV. Integer only, starts from 0.
Field ID

Must be a element ID in the target form specified above, "Store Data Form".

Use Formatted Value

Use the value which is already being formatted.

Key Column Number

Column number that holds the primary key value.

If nothing is defined, a UUID will be generated and assigned when importing.

Start From Row NumberRow number to start importing data. Integer only, starts from 0.
Foreign Keys

Define other values that can not be found in the CSV file such as Foreign Key value associations data. You may also define hard-coded value here too.

Field IdField id in the target form.

Value to be set.

Hash Variable is accepted.

Import Mode
  • Import new record or update existing record
  • Import new record only
  • Delete record
Validate data?Data to be imported will be validated in according to the form's fields' validations.
UTF-8 Encoding Checking?
Check if the file is encoded with UTF-8.
Custom CSV Delimiter CharacterSymbol to represent the delimiter separater.
Custom CSV Quote CharacterSymbol to represent the regular quote character.
Debug Mode
Useful debugging information will be printed out in the server log when Debug Mode is turned on.

Figure 2: Store to Workflow Variables

Figure 3: Store to File Upload Form

Import StatusThis is a new feature added in Joget Workflow Enterprise version 5.0.7 and onwards giving one clarity over the execution of the import. One can choose to save the import status data to form data table of the originating file (upload) or into workflow variables.
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