This tutorial will demonstrate how to integrate Google Analytics to Joget Apps as one of the data streams.


Set up a Google Analytics Account

Figure 1: Account Creation

Create a new property and fill up the forms required

Figure 2: Create a property

Describe your business

Figure 3: Describe your business

Choose your business objective

Figure 4: Choose your business objective

Choose "Web" as your platform

Figure 5: Choose a platform

You will be given a "setup instruction" window on the page. choose the "Install manually" tab and copy the js code given

Figure 6: Installation instruction

Go to your App > UI Builder > Configure layout > Advanced , go to Sub Header section, paste the js code there, and save.

Figure 7: Connect App with Google tag

Go back to your Analytics platform > Setup Instruction > Install Manually. Click on the "Test" button under the "Test your website (optional)" field. you should see a green check if your Google Analytics is installed properly. See figure 8

Figure 8: Test your website

Note: While the Analytics script might be installed correctly, the data stream captured might take longer to reflect in the GA Reports. Captured traffic might not show immediately after performing the above installation.

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