Problem Statement

This is a demo to show integration with Joget and ABBYY. In this demo, we will be performing the following steps with the reference to the documentation

Process Flow / Integration Points

  1. Upload a file from Joget to ABBYY using ABBYY's "processImage" method.
  2. Perform a call from Joget to ABBYY using ABBYY's "getTaskStatus" method to retrieve the task status of the previous call.
  3. Perform a call from Joget to ABBYY to retrieve the processed file, using path retrieved in the previous step. This is the result of processImage in step 1.

Setting Up Demo App

  1. Prepare the following:-
    - ABBYY Application ID (example: c80764b7-94f4-aaaa),
    - ABBYY Application Password (example: Rad#sfewfwc/5), and

    The parameters can be found in the dashboard of your account.
  2. Using the values above, we can compute the basic auth header (Authorization) value too. (example: Basic Yzg2wNzvY034aYjvc5tOTvR556m)
  3. Obtain and install the plugins listed in this article.
  4. Import the attached Joget app in this article into your copy of Joget.
  5. Navigate to App Variables and set the value into variable auth prepared in step 2.
  6. Publish the app by clicking to "Versions" on the top. Select version 1 and publish.
  7. Launch the app.
  8. We are now ready to run the demo.

Running the Demo App

  1. Click the "New" button, key in a title, and upload the document to be sent for OCR.

    Submitting the form will trigger the first API to ABBYY -
  2. Once submitted, we will be redirected to the listing. Upon successful call of the API, a task ID will be assigned to the document.

    Click on "Step 2 - Fetch" to retrieve the task result. This will make a call to
  3. The result URL column will then be populated.

    We can then click on "Step 3 - Download" to download the processed file/result.
  4. We can click on the link in the "Downloaded" column to download the processed file/result.

Plugins Used

Download Joget App


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