Built in partnership by Red Hat and IBM, Red Hat Marketplace provides a simpler way to access and manage trusted enterprise software.  

With Red Hat Marketplace, organizations can discover, buy and quickly deploy certified software for Red Hat OpenShift. OpenShift is the leading enterprise Kubernetes platform that allows applications to run anywhere (on-premise, public, private or hybrid cloud environments).  Products available through Red Hat Marketplace are certified for quality, performance, and security features. Each product is rigorously tested to meet enterprise standards and are supported by Red Hat and IBM.

How to Deploy Joget using the Red Hat Marketplace

Step 1. Install OpenShift Cluster

Obtain cluster admin access to an existing OpenShift cluster, or install an OpenShift cluster following https://www.openshift.com/try.

Step 2. Signup for Red Hat Marketplace

Login or signup for the Red Hat Marketplace (RHM) at https://marketplace.redhat.com.

Step 3. Add OpenShift Cluster into Red Hat Marketplace Account

Add OpenShift cluster into the RHM account following the instructions to add a cluster

NOTE: For a local CodeReady Containers (CRC) cluster, there are additional procedures that must be followed post-registration.  

Step 4. Subscribe to Joget in the Red Hat Marketplace

Browse to Joget DX in Red Hat Marketplace, select “Free trial” and then click on the “Start trial” button.

Step 5. Install Joget Operator to the OpenShift Cluster

Install the Joget Operator in OpenShift directly via the Red Hat Marketplace Workspace.

Alternatively, install the Operator using the OperatorHub in the OpenShift web console.

Step 6. Deploy Joget using the Operator

Deploy Joget using the Joget Operator.  

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