The form is used to map to Activity inserted as part of the process flow.

Figure 1: Map Activities to Forms via List View

In this section, one would be required to map the Activity to its corresponding Form. 

Activity will be associated with the selected form and the form chosen will be shown to the participant user throughout the process flow. The form associated should be relevant with the purpose of the process flow and tightly coupled such that it would be critical to determine the course of flow of the process flow.

Show The Next Assignment When Completed

This option enables one to quickly be redirected to the next assignment when one finishes with the current one provided that there's a subsequent assignment for the same user immediately after completion of the current one.

Figure 2: Map Activities to Forms via Design Tab

Mapping Options

Map to a Form

Unless there's a very specific need, each activity would be mapped to a Joget Form Builder's Form.

Map to External Form

One may also point an activity to an externally hosted form by specifying the specific URL path.

Figure 3: Map to External Form Properties.

Run Process

Run Process is a special activity which can also be mapped to a form. A User will see this form before the actual start of the process. The process will only start after the user submits the form. This is particularly useful to reduce the unnecessary creation of process instances.




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