New Feature

In Joget DX 8 this feature is now integrated.


Multi Tools provide the ability to run multiple process tool plugins in a single tool bubble of a process design, with the option of multi-threading support.

This greatly reduces the effort and time needed to achieve a multiple tools parallel execution process design.

Multi Tools Properties

Figure 1: Multi Tools Properties

 Add Row

Add a row to allow more  plugin to be selected.


You can also add row by hovering your mouse cursor near the trash bin icon to reveal a ⊕ button. Then, click the ⊕ button to add row.


Recommended to use the Integrated Multi-tool to reduce the need to constantly modify the process design, which forces a process record migration to a new version. When designing a process flow, add just one tool box to one activity box, even though the design requires 5 tool boxes. The 5 tools go into the single process Multi-Tool configuration. Another advantage is you can run the tools in multithread for some performance gain.

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