The Performance Analyzer was first introduced in Joget Workflow v5 Enterprise Edition which allows administrators and app designers to analyze their apps' performance and identify possible bottlenecks. In Joget Workflow v6, it has been enhanced further. Starting from DX7 and onwards,  the Performance Analyzer will now be displayed all the time when the Admin Bar is toggled.

Figure 1: Java VM Stats and Database Connection Pool Status

Java VM Stats and Database Connection Pool Status are essential pieces of information that can help administrators manage the platform's health and performance. The database connection pool gives the administrator and app designer vital information on whether there's an unclosed connection or leakages of a similar kind.

Figure 2: Statistics on elements exceeding thresholds

Figure 3: Specific element's analysis view

Upon mouseover of a highlighted element, details of affected method calls and/or SQL statements will be displayed.


Figure 4: System Settings

By default, the Performance Analyzer is enabled with a threshold of 100ms. This setting can be overridden in the System Settings.

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