Tutorial Steps

  1. In runtime, navigate to the UI menu that contains your desired list, e.g: List Inbox, CRUD, etc.

  2. At the bottom of the UI menu, look for the export links that you require, and copy the link.
    The list attachment can be in formats of CSV, Excel, XML, or PDF.

  3. In the Email Tool, go to Attachments tab.
    Paste the link into the Path column in the Files property, then name the file in File Name column to your preference.

    See here for more info about email attachment configuration: Email Tool - Configure Email Attachments

Dynamically Filter Records in List Attachment

You can use Hash Variable & List Filter's URL request parameter in the email attachment Files URL path to dynamically filter records in the list attachment.

Using the default Expenses Claims app as an example:

Use Case Scenario : Dynamically filter the records in My Inbox list to only show expenses claims that is submitted by the current logged in user, as a PDF attachment in email tool.

The URL path to download a PDF format of My Inbox list without any filtering looks like: 

Now if we want to filter the results in the list attachment via "Submit By" list filter, first we need to determine the list filter's URL request parameter in the filter's properties, which is d-944469-fn_claimant in this case.

Then, we can now append the filter's url request parameter along with its value or hash variable to the URL path, so the URL path should now look like:

Download Demo App

  1. APP_email_List_attachment_kb.jwa Requires Joget DX version 7.0.26 containing the latest fixes for file attachments in Email Tool.

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