To show data from a process instance (e.g., list record) in a form, you must first create a Form where you want to show the data in. 

You must also create a List that will be shown in your UI and add the List element to the UI.

Once you have created the form, you must add the form element into the UI. Be sure to set the 'Menu ID' property which will be part of the hyperlink used to view the data from within the form. 

Figure 1: Create New Form Element in UI

Once you have finished creating the form element, you'll want to create a hyperlink in the List that will be shown in the UI.

In List Builder, add a Hyperlink action in your design.

Figure 2: Add Hyperlink Action

In the 'Configure Hyperlink' action, the 'Hyperlink' property should point to the path of the form, indicated by the 'Menu ID' property you set above when adding the form element to the UI. Be sure to specify the 'Hyperlink Parameter Name' and 'Column Name' properties as 'id'.

Figure 3: Configure Hyperlink Action

Using the configuration above, an example resultant URL path would be


which uses the format hyperlink/hyperlinkParameterName/columnNameValue

After you publish the app and click on the List in the UI, you should see a new column with a hyperlink to open the data in the form. 

Figure 4: Sample of Listing

Clicking on the 'Open' hyperlink will open the process instance (list record) data in the form you created.

Figure 5: Opening the Form Via Link in the Listing

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