UI Key serves as a placeholder for a common value to be used by its elements (i.e. UI Element).

The usage of the UI Key is dependent on the implementation of the elements such as UI Element.

Figure 1: Example of UI Key Usage to Pre-filter a Listing Based on a Column

Usage of UI Key

UI Key is most commonly used when you need to restrict the content of your UI to a certain category/attribute in your application.


  • UI Key can be a department id whereby all the content inside the UI(record listing) would be based on the specific department.

  • UI Key can be a category id in a support ticket system whereby all the content in the UI (ticket listing, add new ticket) will be of the specific category.

How to Set the UI Key

The UI key is placed right before the element custom ID.

Example: http://localhost:8080/jw/web/userview/profileApp/profileUserview/CEO Office/profile
Link structure: userview/[App ID]/[Userview ID]/[Userview key]/[Element Custom ID]

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