Figure 1: UI Properties

IdID of the UI
NameName of the UI
ThemeSelect a theme to render the UI
DescriptionUI description is meant for developer/admin consumption only to describe the purpose of this element.
CategoryCategory of the Application
ThumbnailThumbnail for the Application

Figure 2: UI Advance Properties

Favicon URLURL for Favicon
Logo URLURL for Logo
Disable ProfileDisable profile tab in the UI
User ImageSet Users profile image
InboxInbox of assignments for the application
Home Icon URLURL for Home Icon
Shortcut Link LabelName of the Shortcut Link
ShortcutSet a shortcut link 
User Menu ShortcutShortcuts for logged-in users
Enable Responsive Switch in Mobile DeviceToggle to make the current UI mobile friendly
Remove Auto Titles from Process/Assignment form?Toggle to remove the auto titles function 
Home BannerInsert Home banner here
Custom CSSInsert custom CSS for the UI
Custom JavascriptInsert custom JavaScript for the UI
SubheaderInsert subheader HTML here
SubfooterInsert subfooter HTML here
Disable Help Guide Feature?Toggle to disable the feature

Figure 3: Progressive Web App (PWA) Settings

Disable Progressive Web App (PWA) SupportToggle PWA Support 
Disable Web Push NotificationsToggle Web Push Notifications
Additional URLs to CacheCache URLs for offline support

Figure 4: UI Properties - Login Page UI

Login Page BackgroundSet application login page background image here.
Custom HTML (Before Login Form)HTML code is expected here.
Custom HTML (After Login Form)HTML code is expected here.

Figure 5: UI Properties - Configure Permission

Hide this UI in App Center?When checked, this particular UI will not appear in the App Center's listing.
Permission Type

 Manage the permission on who to see this UI. See Permission Control.

Temporarily disable permission checking for testing?

When checked, all permission set to UI and UI Category will be bypassed. This is a convenient option for app designer to gain access to all menus for testing.

Important Note

Remember to turn this off once testing is done.

Important Note

This will not bypass permission set inside Forms and Form Section.

A red colored label/icon denoting "Permission disabled for testing" will appear on the UI in the App Center as well as in the UI runtime itself.

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