Update Form Data Tool, formerly known as Form Data Update Tool is used to update information in forms that have already been submitted. This is typically used for processing existing forms and updating fields based on business rules or data from external systems.

Note that trying to use this tool for a form that has not yet been submitted will result in an exception.

For pre-populating form fields of new forms, consider using the Preset Form Data Tool instead, or hash variables in your forms.

Update Form Data Properties

Figure 1: Update Form Data Properties

FormTarget form
Update Fields

Fields to be updated.

Which record row to update?

By default, it will try to look for record with the same id of the process instance it is currently in.

However, you may also specify your own record id by explicitly defining an "id" field and value.

Field IDField ID to be updated. Field ID must exists in the selected form above.
ValueValue to be set.

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