In my data list view I have Id generator. Each time I hit the submit button, on the data list form, a new row is inserted, with exact the same values. Which results in multiple records with the same ID. Is there some validation possible so that duplicate id's are prevented? See attachment

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  1. j

    The same applies in the situation where I have an ID generator field on the mainform. If I would hit enter on related subform , a new mainform is created with tas result duplicate ID generator values.

  2. Hi there,

    Can you share us your app so that we can replicate your issue? Probably it has to do with your particular use case that's causing the problem.


  3. j


    If you would select the form called Invoice,  hitting multiple times the submit button will replicate my case. The results can be seen in the form Invoice CRUD.

    In addition I was abel to insert multiple ID's as well in an auto ID generation field. See print screen.

    1. Hi there,

      I can't replicate your said issue using the app you attached here.

      I don't see how I can "hitting multiple times the submit button will replicate my case".

      I'm getting unique ID in the third column like what's shown in your screenshot.


  4. j

    See attached short screencast.