It appears that in the latest v4 BETA release the date and time format is automatically capitalising the values entered, turning minutes (mm) into the month (MM) meaning it's impossible to enter minutes correctly.

This is the fields in the options:

But this is what appears in the form.  The HH:mm has been changed to HH:MM which swaps it out for the month.

As time is critical in my process, and I need them to be able to update the field, this is a major issue for me.

Is there anything I can do to fix this issue?



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  1. Hi Hugh,

    In this page, it mentioned the available display format can be found in Jquery UI Docs. Since it is a date picker, It only support the format below:

    The format can be combinations of the following:
    d - day of month (no leading zero)
    dd - day of month (two digit)
    o - day of year (no leading zeros)
    oo - day of year (three digit)
    D - day name short
    DD - day name long
    m - month of year (no leading zero)
    mm - month of year (two digit)
    M - month name short
    MM - month name long
    y - year (two digit)
    yy - year (four digit)
    @ - Unix timestamp (ms since 01/01/1970)
    ! - Windows ticks (100ns since 01/01/0001)
    '...' - literal text
    '' - single quote
    anything else - literal text

    Best regards,


  2. Hi Hugh,

    The Date Picker makes use of the JQuery UI date picker, which only supports dates and not time. At the moment, you would probably want to capture the time as a separate Time field using the standard textfield element.

    It's also possible to develop a new Time Picker plugin, or perhaps enhance the current Date Picker into a Datetime Picker element.

    Best Regards


    1. Thanks Julian.

      My worry about separate fields is when it comes to reports and reporting on mean times to resolutions/fixes.  If the date and time is in a single field and stored in the database as one entry I can easily do difference calculations.  Where they are separate I'm not sure i this is possible.

      The only part that causes problems is the 'mm' standard as it shows the month and not minutes (MySQL format).

      I can even live without the date picker and make them manually enter it if I could ensure the formatting was okay and stored in the database as a date.


      1. Hi Hugh,

        Thanks for explaining your concerns. In terms of reporting, it should be possible to use MySQL functions to concatenate the date and time values before calling the date difference e.g. DATE_DIFF(CONCAT(date_value1, ' ', time_value1), CONCAT(date_value2, ' ', time_value2)). Might not be the actual syntax but just to present the concept.

        If you prefer manual datetime entry, then it might also be possible to use a custom Regular Expression (RegEx) to validate the value using the Default Validator. There should be a number of resources online on using a RegEx to validate a date time format.