As you can see, I have multiple selectbox. I have set grouping feature on some of the selectbox based

on the selection from the previous box. There are no problem for web view but the mobile view display redundant selectboox.

I have also tried using multiple mobile emulator, some of the field in datalist is not even showing.

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  1. Thanks for your feedback Hafizi. We will take note on this and this will definitely help us work better to get v4 out of beta sooner.


  2. Hi, there is a security issue in the CRM mobile site, anyone can edit the latest Contact List without login. Tested using android 2.3.6 & 4.4.2's builtin Browser.

    I'm using joget-enterprise-setup-4.0-BETA (Windows).

    1. Hi there,

      The sample CRM app is just a basic example to showcase some of the CRUD and process features, there isn't any security built-in. You can modify the app to configure the permissions at the userview or form levels.

      There's actually a more comprehensive CRM app in the marketplace ( that does enforce user permissions.